National Indigenous People’s Day June 21

Carlin Celebrates! National Indigenous Day: June 21 

Our Indigenous support worker, Theresa Johnson, staff, community members, parents and students worked and learned together to celebrate this day at Carlin. We began with an assembly full of amazing presentations and performances followed by students visiting 12 learning stations. Students learned and celebrated different First Peoples, their traditional games, activities, stories and art. This was a great interactive cultural event enjoyed by all! We wish to Theresa for her dedication, planning and energy that helped make this day a huge success.


Math Olympics

Congratulations to Carlin silver medalists Callen, Jacob, and Jessica and the 26 grades 6 through 8 student mathletes who recently participated in the first annual District Math Olympics held May 16 at SMS. Over 50, three member teams,  from across the District competed in math challenges such as problem solving – word problems, building challenges “build the tallest tower with spaghetti and tape”, skyscraper spatial awareness puzzles, and individual “written tests”.