Mission Statement

To augment the educational experience of students and families attending Carlin Elementary Middle School (CEMS), through support and facilitation of programs and activities which build a sense of inclusion, appreciation and advocacy.


Facebook: A private group named CEMS PAC try searching in Facebook or try this link:


All CEMS PAC activities will work toward at least one of the following

• Building community (within the school and beyond)
• Nurturing healthy bodies and minds
• Connecting with nature
• Adapting to new technologies

CEMS PAC is committed to facilitating positive communication between the school and its families and involving everyone in building a strong, healthy, thriving school community.

All parents have an important influence on life at Carlin and the feelings that our community has toward the school and education.  There is strong evidence that if a parent participation results in increased student achievement, accomplishment, satisfaction and bonding.  We welcome all parents who wish to come to a PAC meeting just once or on a regular basis.  Come and share your ideas or concerns.  You are all welcome anytime!

The PAC meets one evening every month in the Learning Commons. Refreshments and babysitting are provided and it is a great chance to find out what is happening at the school.  The dates set for PAC meetings will be included in the monthly school newsletters.  We have developed a mission statement that reflects our goals for the Carlin community and we reference it in our event planning and spending decisions:


  • Chair-    Angela Inskip
  • Co- chair –  Taylor Bean
  • Secretary – Amanda Toms
  • Treasurer –  Amanda Porterfield
  • DPAC Rep – Corryn Grayston
  • Scholarship co-chair Amanda Toms
  • All Parents are welcome to meetings, in fact we need you there!
 2021-22 CEMS PAC Minutes
  • September PAC Minutes