About Us

4005 Myers Frontage Rd.

Tappen, BC V0E 2X3

Phone: 250 835-4520

office: car@sd83.bc.ca

Fax: 250 804 7783

Principal:  Shane Corston

Vice-Principal:  Sandra Major

Carlin Elementary Middle School

Hello and welcome to Carlin Elementary Middle School; Home of the Panthers. Carlin Elementary Middle School has experienced tremendous growth as a  school community.
Carlin is both an elementary and middle school with unique timetables, bell schedules, wings of the building and specific features for each.  However, we are proud to be a K-8 school that often comes together as one.
Carlin School serves the smaller communities of White Lake, Eagle Bay, Notch Hill, Blind Bay, Tappen, Skimikin, and Carlin.  Students transition from Sorrento Elementary School to Carlin for their middle years (Grades 6,7, and 8).

We take great pride in being a community school and welcome all new students and community members.
Shane Corston           Sandra Major
Principal                     Vice-Principal