Concert and Book Fair

Wednesday, December 4th is the day to buy books at the BOOK FAIR in the Learning Commons and take part in this year’s Winter Concert. The concert starts at 6 pm (student to arrive around 15 minutes early or as directed by Mr. Larsen).

As the Carlin Winter Concert is rapidly approaching, below is a guide to help you know what your child is to wear.

**Please avoid anything with brand names, logos, or sayings.

-If your child is performing in one of the bands:
Black bottoms – pants or skirts
Black shoes and black socks
White tops – dress shirt, blouse, or a nice sweater.

-If your child is in a K-5 elementary class:
Something nice, bright, and colourful.

-If your child is in Mrs. Colonna’s class: they will ALSO need their winter gear for their class song:
Toques, jackets, boots, gloves, etc…
They still need to have something nice colourful for after their class song.

Thank you,
See you Wednesday evening!