Nov 21 – Early Dismissal

The district has asked each school to schedule an early dismissal day in November to provide time for scheduled parent/student/teacher conferences. Our school will have early dismissal on November 21, 2019. On this day our dismissal times will be 11:49 for elementary students and 11:59 for middle school students.

Bus departure times will align with the early dismissal times. Buses are running 2 hours and 45 minutes earlier from Carlin on November 21 and thus will be arriving to bus stops 2 hours and 45 minutes earlier than the usual time.

Not all of the parent/student/teacher conferences will happen on November 21, this date is to help facilitate the conferences.

These conferences will provide an opportunity for parents to discuss their child’s areas of strength and needs and set learning goals for their child’s continued academic and behavioral growth and replace a formal written report card for term 1.

Information on how to arrange your parent/student/teacher conference will be coming home at the start of next week.