Halloween Costumes

A few reminders about Halloween:

  • Appropriate costumes are welcome. 
  • Costume Parade, for elementary students only, on Halloween morning. The Costume Parade will go through the whole school and the Kindergarten class will lead it.
  • A middle school dance is being organized by leadership students (dance is 1 hour). An alternate activity is also being arranged (board games, etc.) and will also be supervised.   
  • Students are encouraged to bring a food donation for the local food bank to the dance.
  • Costumes must be as follows:
    ….be respectful to self and others

    …..free of any promotion of alcohol, drugs, gangs, hate, obscenity, profanity, racism, discrimination, sex, or violence (gory is part of Halloween so this requires discretion 🙁)

    ……no weapons or “fake” weapons allowed

    …..masks okay during Costume Parade and dance but not outside, or in hallways or classrooms (unless a teacher permits in the classroom). If at any time a student is asked to remove their mask by a staff member, the expectation is they will remove it. As for clowns, not banned, however, the scary clown is discouraged.